September 27, 2023

Saint-Gobain Boron Nitride Collaborates with Haydale Group on Functionalized Powders

Earlier this year, Saint-Gobain Boron Nitride and Haydale Group entered into a collaboration agreement to develop advanced surface chemistries for boron nitride powders. This partnership reflects both companies' commitment to advancing technology and addressing complex challenges faced by industries worldwide.


Saint-Gobain has a rich history of providing advanced hexagonal boron nitride (BN) solutions. BN powders are often used as fillers or functional additives in polymeric, oil, water or other solvent systems. While BN can impart several unique properties to these systems, it can pose some processing challenges. The hexagonal crystal structure, which is the root of its popular nickname “white graphite,” naturally produces platelet-shaped particles. The covalent bonding in the planes of the crystals is ordered and strong, creating a very inert material with low surface energy. These inherent characteristics give rise to difficulties with incorporation, rheology control, and achieving certain mechanical properties in the final product.
Saint-Gobain Boron Nitride Powder Solutions SP16

Scanning electron micrograph of Saint-Gobain Boron Nitride powder grade SP16, exhibiting the particle characteristics of our standard platelet powder grades. (Image credit: Saint-Gobain)

Haydale is a global technology solutions company pioneering innovative methods for modifying nanomaterials, such as graphene, to facilitate their integration into dispersions and other systems. Their advanced HDPlas™ functionalization process has consistently proven its capability to modify surface properties of traditionally difficult-to-treat powders. Through their work together, Saint-Gobain Boron Nitride and Haydale have demonstrated effective surface modification on a variety of powders in the Boron Nitride Powder Solutions portfolio. 

The HDPlas™ system offers flexibility in surface chemistries, allowing for custom solutions based on the intended application. Multiple treatment chemistries have been validated on Saint-Gobain boron nitride powders. This is especially attractive in the field of thermal management, where many different polymer systems are used. Sarah Plain, Technical Manager for Saint-Gobain Boron Nitride, noted, “hBN powder has historically proven difficult to functionalize without negative effects on thermal performance. Working with Haydale and their HDPlas™ technology has helped us overcome this challenge, which has led to exciting results during customer testing.” BN treated at Haydale has demonstrated enhanced processability and composite mechanical properties while maintaining or improving thermal performance.

Due to positive customer feedback, Haydale and Saint-Gobain entered into a formal collaboration agreement in April to continue the development of Saint-Gobain’s hBN. The agreement will continue for two years and may be extended for an additional year thereafter.

Commenting on the new agreement, Haydale CEO Keith Broadbent said: “It has been a pleasure collaborating with Saint-Gobain and to see the benefits of their expertise in hBN and our knowledge of functionalization combine to deliver real enhancements to their products. The market for hBN is significant and we look forward to working with Saint-Gobain in the future.”  Sarah also added, “We look forward to further collaboration with the excellent team at Haydale to deliver even more value to our customers.”

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Haydale is a global technologies and materials group that facilitates the integration of graphene and other nanomaterials into the next generation of commercial technologies and industrial materials. With expertise in graphene, silicon carbide and other nanomaterials, Haydale can deliver improvements in electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties, as well as toughness through its state-of-the-art functionalisation. Haydale has granted patents for its technologies in Europe, USA, Australia, Japan, and China and operates from five sites in the UK, USA, and the Far East.
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