Insulators for PVD, CVD, and Plasma Systems

The high dielectric strength and chemical inertness of boron nitride makes it uniquely qualified for a variety of shielding and insulation components in harsh, high temperature environments, such as PVD, CVD and plasma.  


Combat® BN Machinable Ceramics (Solids), PVD Shapes | Saint-Gobain Boron Nitride
BN components, such as insulating shrouds and rails, target frames, protective tubes, shields and liners, ensure that the PVD arc remains constrained towards the target, preventing equipment damage. Boron Nitride Combat® grade AX05 is commonly used as an alternative for pyrolytic Boron Nitride in these applications. Furthermore, any unwanted metal deposits that can still arise in PVD and Plasma systems can be easily removed from surfaces that have been previously coated using our CeraGlide® BN aqueous coatings.