Polymer Processing Aid

Enabling technology for polyolefin film blowing

Boron nitride is a unique process aid that can enhance or replace many of the traditional fluoropolymers. Our Standard Platelet grades SP5 and SP2 have shown excellent benefits when added in small amounts (200-1000 ppm) to metallocene polyethylene film blowing systems.


Process Improvements

  • Much higher shear rates can be sustained
  • The onset of gross melt fracture is significantly delayed
  • Lower processing temperatures possible

Product Improvements

  • Greatly improved gauge control
  • Increased clarity
  • Ability to control friction

Saint-Gobain boron nitride powders have been awarded FDA approval to use polyolefin processing for all types of food contact substance (FCS) notifications. To find out more about boron nitride as a polymer processing aid, contact a member of the Saint-Gobain team today.

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