Metal Forming

Solutions for molten metal contact

Non-ferrous alloys such as aluminum, copper, or magnesium, as well as super alloys of nickel, cobalt, precious metals or magnetic materials, all require variety of refractory components during melting, processing, and forming. In many of these applications, inert nature of BN and high oxidation resistance offers desired solutions at melt temperatures. As consumables, parts made with BN and composite materials offer precise production and long part life, leading to reduced replacement frequency.
Saint-Gobain CeraGlide Boron Nitride Coatings
boron nitride machinable ceramic parts
CeraGlide® BN Coatings provide protection & release to a variety of substrates, extending the lifetime of launders, dies, and other components in foundry and die casting operations.
Saint-Gobain’s COMBAT® grade ZSBN is the leading boron nitride grade in molten metal contact applications. Addition of zirconia to boron nitride enhances the wear resistance and non-wetting of molten metal, even at elevated temperatures – an important feature for components coming in direct contact with metal melt at high temperatures.
Metal Forming Applications