Atomizer Nozzles for Powder Metal Atomization

Specialty powder metals are made to controlled particle size distribution, such as common alloys and super alloys of nickel, copper and aluminum. Key quality parameters in the manufacturing of sophisticated powder metals are high atomization yield and tight particle size distribution.


Traditional nozzles made by pressing and sintering large or coarse zirconia particles lack both tight tolerances and clean edges. Because of this, the process yields very uneven and erratic atomization, particularly at startup, causing wide particle size distribution. Additionally, since zirconia shows high friction with metals, nozzles frequently clog, further adding to unpredictable particle sizes. These limitations result in a low yield, high scrap rate, undesirable clean up and maintenance, and additional runs.
Combat® BN Machinable Ceramics (Solids), ZS AZ Nozzles | Saint-Gobain Boron Nitride
Nozzles made by Saint-Gobain Boron Nitride minimize clogging and metal-creep, reducing the frequency of nozzle replacement. Smooth surface finish and tighter tolerances thanks to low coefficient of friction of boron nitride provides predictable particle size distribution from batch to batch. Additionally, extreme thermal shock resistance allows boron nitride nozzles to be used without extensive pre-heating.
Data Sheets
COMBAT Machinable Ceramics, Grade ZSBN (Technical Bulletin)

Technical overview of grade ZSBN for Specialty Powder Metal Atomization. Revision 2017.

PDF | 201.35 KB
Data Sheets
COMBAT BN Solids - Machinable Ceramics (Datasheet)

Technical Datasheet for COMBAT Boron Nitride Solids. Revision March 2022.

PDF | 313.92 KB
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