Cooling Fillers for Thermally Conductive Plastics

Thermally conductive plastics are a growing solution to lightweighting in power electronics, LED assemblies and other mobile electronic systems. Traditional carbon-based fillers, like graphite or carbon black, are popular to enhance thermal conductivity and mechanical properties of plastics, but they fall short where electrical isolation is required.
Boron nitride offers a unique value proposition as a filler by introducing thermal conductivity into thermoplastic compounds, while maintaining and even enhancing the electrically isolating properties inherent of plastics. Additionally, the translucent, white appearance of boron nitride powder allows colorants to work effectively to adjust the resin appearance.
boron nitride cooling filler led
Boron nitride is well known for its high thermal conductivity, but can present challenges in processing due to poor flowability and impact on plastic mechanical properties. For assistance with your application, please contact us and we will connect you with our engineering team to discuss potential solutions.
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