Dear Prospective Customer,

Thank you for your interest in our Boron Nitride products.

In this New Customer Onboarding Package, you will find the following:

This form must be filled out in lieu of a formal purchasing order. We do not accept orders communicated via email body only.

If sending a formal PO, please make it to:

Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramics Corporation
168 Creekside Drive, Amherst NY 14228

We accept payment via credit card only for orders valued under $15,000. Please fill out this form in its entirety, including freight charges, if not already provided elsewhere.

A credit application must be submitted for our standard N30 terms. You may use this form in lieu of your standard Credit Information Document.

This document contains information you will need for payments.

A copy of our W-9 for your supplier database.

If you are exporting our product out of the country, we require you fill out this form for export compliance purposes.

Please note, for security purposes, we ask that you communicate via your private server email accounts associated with your company/organization. We do not provide product, pricing or technical details over public server email accounts (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.).

If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,
Your Saint-Gobain Boron Nitride Sales and Customer Service Team
+1 716 691 2051