Flowable Platelets

Loosely agglomerated platelets for easier processing

Flowable Platelet or "FP" powders are loosely agglomerated into large particles to allow for improved flowability during dry handling, but break down during processing to their primary platelet particles. FP30 is made up of 30 µm platelets and includes a calcium-containing binder phase, ideal for applications without stringent purity requirements that are cost-sensitive. FP12 is a higher purity option, with 12 µm primary platelets.

Features & Benefits
  • Suitable for cost-sensitive markets
  • Improved flowability compared to other platelet grades
  • Engineered for compounding applications
Typical Properties
Typical properties, not to be used as product specification
Grade D10 D50 D90 Tap Density Surface Area BN Content B2O3 O2
  µm µm µm g/cm3 m2/g % % %
FP12 100 400 800 0.75 14 99.3 0.07 0.6
FP30 100 400 800 1.00 1.2 95.5 0.09 2.7
Recommended Applications
  • Thermoplatics or thermally conductive polymers
  • Thermal fillers
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