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Achieving the perfect balance in how the final product affects our senses lasts, flows through a process and costs, is the formulators challenge.  TRÈS BN® powders are not only soft, but work in synergy with many other materials to achieve this balance.  Whether it's the shimmer of an eye shadow, the coverage in a foundation, or higher yield in your extrusion process, TRÈS BN® powders offer formulators many solutions wrapped into one material.



What is TRÈS BN?

Hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) is a synthesis of Borax (natural mineral) and a Nitrogen source at high temperature resulting in a lamellar structure that resembles graphite, except pure HBN is white.  TRÈS BN cosmetic powders are Ultra-High Purity (UHP) versions of this lamellar form with each layer or cleavage face containing boron and nitrogen.  There is no B-N bonding between layers and, therefore, planes slide over one another, creating a soft and lubricating effect.


A Beautiful Alternative

Each TRÈS BN® grade has unique properties that are associated with crystal size, morphology and surface characteristics.  From sub-micron crystals to 50 micron platelets, each grade within this range has a different appearance from matte to shiny, but all are soft, smooth and adherent.  Furthermore, TRÈS BN® is a dielectric ceramic powder that remains on the skin's surface, offering a transparent and photo-stable layer of protection for skin care actives.



Hexagonal BN Crystal Structure
Crystal Structure

Typical SEM of TRÈS BN


Product Grades


Ultra-High Purity GradesMean Particle, D50 (um)Surface Area (m2/gram)Typical Suggested Usage Level
PUHP30022151 - 10%
PUHP500685 - 10%
PUHP1106-1107 1685 - 10%
PUHP3008863 - 15%
PUHP11091223 - 15%
PUHP3016161.53 - 15%
PUHP1108  3015 - 15%

1PUHP1106 contains 97% BN + 3% dimethicone; PUHP1107 contains 97% BN + 3% methicone



Typical Chemical Analysis


BN> 99%
B2O3< 0.1%
O2< 0.5%
Metals (Hg, As, Pb)< 1 ppm





Hiding Power



HidingThe whiteness of the crystals permits low micron sized powders to act as pigments.  Their high surface area provides bonding sites for liquid carriers, providing excellent coverage and hiding power.




CompressibilityFlat platelets allow for excellent compaction eliminating the need for compacting additives such as stearates.





LubricityScientific testing shows TRÈS BN powder offers lower coefficients of friction than traditional cosmetic powders such as talc, resulting in a more lubricious feel and silky  texture.


Note:  The above tests were performed on PUHP500.