Boron Nitride Products

Thermally Conductive Plastic

Thermally Conductive Plastic Used in Automotive Applications

Auto, Electronics Cooling (Interior)

CarboTherm™ Boron Nitride powders are used as fillers in the manufacturing of thermally conductive, electrically insulating polymer compounds.  Saint-Gobain's BN powders, with their combination of unique properties, are the ideal functional fillers in thermally conductive engineering plastics for a variety of automotive applications such as electric motor components, motor encapsulation and other coil wound devices. 




  • High thermal conductivity imparts desirable properties
  • Low density, light weight properties lower total cost of fillers
  • High-lubricity, non-abrading properties reduce wear and tear of processing equipment
  • Broad particle size distribution for standard as well as custom applications
  • White, inert and environmentally safe functional fillers